A reflection on my first 3 months of SEO

2 Jun 2021 | blog

A Reflection on My First 3 Months of SEO

There Is Never A Boring Day in Agency Life

In our first meeting, my manager Chris told me a common saying in SEO and Marketing agencies: “there is never a boring day in agency”. Every day since that meeting that saying has reigned true, one of the most exciting parts of finishing a project is finding out who the next client is.

Every client introduces a new set of intricacies, challenges and opportunities that keeps me on my toes. I get a first look at new businesses and an introduction to some very interesting existing businesses. One day I could be working for a Plumber the next day a singer and the next day for a singing plumber, its often one of the reasons I’m excited to work the next day.

SEO As an Outlet and How It Always Feels Fresh

Work generally offers a choice, creativity or autonomy, you either become the artist or the accountant. In SEO there is no such choice, one day I could be looking to express my creative side and write content for the next 8 hours, I have the ability to think critically, creatively and problem solve. Or it could be Monday and a mix of coffee and tea (which was equally distributed between my mouth and shirt) are the only thing keeping me awake and functional. I have the power to sit down that Monday and go into autopilot as I plan keywords and audit sites, something which with enough experience has become more muscle memory than anything.

Why SEO Work is Important – The Manhattan Skyline

In the 8th season of How I Met Your Mother, Character Robin Scherbatsky says to the protagonist Ted “Do you realise that something you thought up in your head, now exists as a part of the Manhattan Skyline”. Whenever I think about working towards self-actualisation in work, this quote remains very central.

When I retire, move on, and eventually pass, will there be a measurable difference that I can see and think the 90, 000 hours I spent meant something. SEO provides that measurable difference every day I work in my early career, I can see the businesses I work on reach new heights, grow, and become a part of a more digital skyline.

Whenever I check the analytics, it’s hard not to be caught up in the thrill that is seeing such a measurable difference that I have made. If I was to tell someone why they should become an SEO specialist, my number one reason I would give is the impact they could make.

– by William Saint-John