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for Small Businesses

Affordable Internet Marketing strategies that look at the whole picture to solve your #1 business problem.

Affordable Online Marketing

We understand that most of the agencies out there that have a good reputation also have a price tag to match.

SEO and internet marketing agencies, in general, have average retainer fees of around $3000 per month in Australia. We understand though that businesses just starting out or looking for that first phase of growth are unlikely to have thousands of dollars in marketing capital lying around.

For this reason, we provide affordable online marketing and cheap SEO services online for small businesses in Bendigo and across Regional Australia.

Our Online Marketing Process

We first analyse your business, your website and your competition. This allows us to uncover the opportunities that internet marketing holds for you and where your competitors are investing in their online marketing budgets.

We let you know where you should be allocating your digital marketing budget – whether in SEO, SEM (Google Ads) or Social Media.

We manage the whole process and seek your approval for any website changes or brand-impacting advertising (eg any public ads on Facebook or Google).

We provide transparency around the time we have used and allocated as well as reports on progress and results every month

Each quarter we arrange a phone call or online meeting with your account manager where you can discuss everything you need to from business changes, to the performance of your campaigns to things you would like to see more of or less of.

Our processes are designed to help you achieve your goals, and solve your business problems, in the fastest and most cost-effective means possible and that is why you can rely on our affordable internet marketing solutions for your business, no matter where you are in Bendigo or across Australia or around the world for that matter (although the moon might be a bit tricky;))

To get started contact us or request a proposal and let us help you Grow Your Legacy today.

Online Marketing Solutions

SEO Services

Our affordable SEO for small businesses comes in three packages, each providing a different level of service and each suited to a variety of company types, from tradies to cafes, home renovations to accountants, doctors to e-commerce boutiques and a whole lot more.

Google Business Management

At West Legacy Group, been a small business ourselves, we know that as a business owner you hardly have the time to work on your own business – so with that in mind we would like to off our affordable Google Business Management service.


Digital Transformation

At West Legacy Group, we want to help traditionally offline businesses embark on the journey to adding an online presence or to even move completely to an online service through our digital transformation services.

Google Ads Services

Google Ads strategies focused on delivering results through proactive management of your campaigns. From the initial strategy creation to an objective focused approach based on your kpis.



Social Media Management

Social Media is here to stay and many will say if you are not on it you losing out and we tend to agree in some ways.


Social Media Advertising

With all the social media platforms out there, they can be quite tricky to manage, and then on top of that, most of them offer various forms of advertising too.