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Blog Post Research & Writing Services

We carefully research the topic and your business. We look through several websites across Australia and the rest of the world before we begin writing.

How Do You Research Blog Topics?

Coming up with blog topics isn’t as hard as it may first appear. There are also several other tools we use to come up with blog topics and some references to existing sites and content.

A few of our favourites are:

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Ubersuggest Content Ideas

The Hoth Blog Topic Generator

And if you are still stuck, we can of course help you too and research the blog post topic as well as have it written by a professional copywriter.

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How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

This is a question of your industry and general competitors. Many blog posts go well over 1,000 words, some others can be as short as 500 and we have even seen some really in-depth articles reach nearly 5,000 words.

We find that industries in education or highly technical products tend to have longer articles, those in shopping, fashion and other products tend to be shorter and trades and service type businesses shorter still.

The importance of the length is to know your audience. If your audience is likely to read long articles then longer the better, but always format them into quick bite-size paragraphs and sections.

Most of the blog posts or articles we get requested to write tend to be over 750 words in length and may include references to the research if required.

What’s Included?

Our copywriting services include research, writing and optimisation (SEO) of the article. We can also find free stock images too if need be but that is not normally requested.

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