How to be local without an office

13 Aug 2021 | blog

Benefits of Virtual Offices

For many small businesses, especially those in trades or just starting out with an online shop, setting up a local presence can be quite tricky.

Luckily Google has thought of this situation and came up with the solution some time back. That is, you can have a local maps listing without ever displaying your physical address.

The idea here is, while you still need to enter one, is that you can hide that from the listing and instead show a service area.

This is awesome for tradies, plumbers, painters, electricians and even gardeners or dog groomers. If you have an online shop you can use this as well by setting your service area for a city. State or even the whole country.

The added benefits of this are numerous

  • Local business have more trust in Google’s eyes
  • Google maps listings is not just a map. You have the ability to create posts l. Highlight special offers or shout out your latest announcements. 
  • Add images of your services and products and brand up your page to represent your business.
  • Get review from your customers and build your brands reputation

The list can go on for some time but we’re sure you get the idea. Setting up a Google business listing isn’t that hard.

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