How to write content for your blog

16 Aug 2021 | blog

Blog Writing Tips

We often get asked this question or hear feedback such as:

  • I don’t know what to write about.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • What about keywords?
  • Where can I get pictures for my blog?

These and many more are often very easy to answer once you step back and think about it a bit more.

1. You are the expert in your business.

Use that. You have vast amounts of knowledge and experience. Yes, even if you just started, you are still the expert. You learnt something along the way to get to where you are now. You decided that this thing you do or this thing you make can be a business and can be sold to others. That is enough to get started.

Write about one of your products or your services. Not about selling it but what makes it special and what makes you unique in doing what you do.

2. No one has the time

This is one of the hardest things to understand.  No one really has the time to write it do what they want to do. It is this reason that few businesses succeed.

The solution is to find it. 5 mins with your morning coffee. 20.mins on the train. Find the time. Maybe at lunch (Well while you have something to eat;)). Even in the car while driving to an appointment. Dictate your post. Not the whole thing just a few ideas. Maybe a paragraph or a few bullet points.

Then take ten minutes each morning or evening to flesh it out more until you have the complete post. And then read it. Read it out loud. 

If you are happy with it then post it.

3. Keywords

Yes everyone in SEO preaches about keywords but the truth is when it comes to a fresh blog you don’t need to worry about keywords. 

No, I don’t mean to ignore them. I mean that worrying about them shouldn’t slow down your writing or stop you from doing it completely.

4. Images.

Images are everywhere. Some good sources are,  pixabay and a lot more. Just don’t grab something from Google and make sure you read the licenses.

There you have it. Some simple ideas to get you writing.

If you need help we are happy to assist and have built affordable blogging plans just for you.

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