Programmatic (SEO) what now?

13 Aug 2021 | blog

Programmatic (SEO) what now?

Yes, this may sound like something out of science fiction and to be honest you are not far off. While programmatic SEO doesn’t take full advantage of AI it does use templates or a “programmed ” solution based on other elements of your website 

So where should I use it?

Most often programmatic optimisation is used in eCommerce sites or other websites that have A LOT of data. No. Bigger than that.

Bigger still.

Think in the 100s of 1000s here. Even. Millions.

Ok. That’s big. But how do I do it?

Surprisingly, the “how” is relevantly easy to do.

First, you need to know what components of your site you can use programmatically(that word. Again?)

The most common ones are

  • Product name
  • Product category 
  • Product price
  • Company name (yours)
  • Brand name (product brand)

The second set is writing your template for title tags, meta descriptions, and excerpt or summary content.

Ok great. What does it look like?

Your title tags might look something like this

[Product name] Online | [product category] | [Company Name]

Yellow Polka Dot Shorts Online | Yellow Shorts | The Yellow Store.

(Ps there is actually a Purple Store)

Help I’m lost

Fear not. We have created the template for you!

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