Why do my products need trusted barcodes?

2 Jun 2021 | blog

When taking a product to market, one of the first things a retailer or online marketplace will ask for is a barcode and what the number, or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), of that barcode, is. This is used as the reference for sales and distribution through their networks worldwide.

When looking to obtain a barcode for your products, there is only one decision, do I buy cheap ones online from a reseller, or do I go directly to the authorised source? The answer is simple! If you want to identify your products and assets accurately, uniquely then you should only go to GS1, the only official provider of GS1 GTINs and EAN/UPC barcodes globally. GS1 introduced the system to the world in 1973, providing unique and authentic barcodes described by the BBC as “one of the 50 things that made the modern economy”.

In addition to the guarantee of global uniqueness, your company and product details will be entered into a global registry used by major retailers to verify the authenticity of the supplier. No other barcode provider offers this.

Having a unique number is critical.

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