Why there is still a need for cheap SEO services

10 Aug 2021 | blog

Small Businesses & Start Ups Need Affordable SEO Services

Many practitioners of the SEO art (or science) will say that cheap SEO services are risky, not worth the money, and ultimately doomed to fail.

I’m here to tell you that throughout what is around 15 years of SEO industry experience, working with a varied range of agencies and clients alike, I have seen an ever increasing need for more affordable, less hands on, search engine optimisation services, especially for small businesses and startups that have limited budgets and time.

Now, I am not saying that just got grab the first 50 dollar deal you see out there. With the saying you get what you pay for is true for SEO and digital marketing as a whole, however many agencies and consultants charge retainer fees that are in the 1000’s of dollars, and while some are ethical and transparent in what is delivered for that amount of money, many will do the bare essentials at the start of the campaign and leave it to run its course while you still pay top dollar.

What sets the available cheap SEO services apart is what you get for your hard earned dollars.

Many agencies will say the following:

  • Page one rankings guaranteed
  • Get on Google’s front page on 24 hours
  • Etc etc B*#S BS etc etc

I will tell you now that Rankings are:

  • Never guaranteed
  • Not everything when it comes to measuring success

And as for getting on Google’s front page in 24 hours. Great. We can do that with Google Ads and pay for you to be there. For a day or two just to show it’s working right?

No. What affordable SEO services should offer is growth. Traffic growth. Lead growth. Sales growth. At the end of the day, if you are spending $100 on an SEO program, you should get $200-300 or more back in lead value or transaction value right? That is you should get a positive Return on Investment (ROI)

If you have already signed on with an agency, do the math, check the numbers. At the very least you should see a return within 3-6 months. I know that is a long time, but if you not seeing positive returns on your investment then it’s time to find another agency.

Other things to consider in a cheap SEO package:

  • Number of keywords. While here at West Legacy Group, we limit the number of keywords we target and track, we are actually looking at growing this over time so that you not just stuck with the same old 5 keywords month in and month out.
  • Reporting. What do the reports look like? Ranking reports are great but you should also see traffic and conversion/leads and revenue too.
  • Activity. What has been happening and what is planned for the next month. This is key to our deliverables and something many cheap SEO agencies do not offer. We provide a concise list that is easy to understand so you know what we are doing.
  • Communication and contact. While we won’t bog you down with hour long meetings, we will check in at least once a month, via email or message,  to see how things are working for you. And we will get back to any email you send us too. Usually the same day.

Here is some further proof why there is a need for more affordable Search Engine Optimisation services in Australia:

  • The number of small businesses by state – NSW over 700,000.  Victoria over 550,000

Image Source: Allianz
  • At the end of 2017/2018, there was 74,000 additional businesses operating in Australia
  • 12% of businesses operating during that year ceased operation by the end of it and 15.8% entered the Australian market.

Image Source: ABS.gov.au
  • Growth in business numbers has been across the board with smaller businesses, trades and financial companies leading the pack
  • Sole proprietors are the second highest entity type / business type in Australia

Image Source: ABS.gov.au
  • Most business employ between 0 and 4 people.

These are just a few of the reasons why we need affordable marketing. Most small business owners do not have the time to do their own marketing and yet they are in the most need of it.

With our cheap SEO services packages ranging from $300 to $1000, together with our experience (over two decades combined digital marketing and advertising experience), and that we are a small business ourselves, we understand that you need help and we are here to offer it.