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Small Business Digital Marketing & Website Services

West Legacy Group offers a range of services for small business owners and startups.

Our Services

We aim to make the things we do as affordable as possible and take some of the pressures away from you so you can focus on what you love doing.

In summary, our services are:

» Digital Marketing – Covering SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Advertising and Social Media Management, Google Business (Maps) Management

» Website Design & Development – For small business and shopping sites and hosting services as well

» Copywriting – Website SEO and blog copywriting

» Auditing – Auditing for your website, your SEO agency, and more

» Digital Transformation – Helping brick and mortar businesses and shop fronts get online and thrive

If you have something specific in mind, just reach out and we will see how we can help you.


Website & SEO Auditing Services

Our auditing service line is all about your website. From complete infrastructure audits where we examine everything from your hosting environment to your CMS or eCommerce platform to SEO and Usability audits to be sure your site is performing the best, it can be.


Do you use email services, CRMs, custom contact forms? Well, then you likely need help with integrating it all. That is where West Legacy Group can help. We can help you with all of this and more, contact us today.

Tracking & Setup

So you have a website. Great. Do you know what your visitors are doing on it? That is where our tracking and setup service can come in hand.