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Website & SEO Auditing Services

West Legacy Group offers a range of auditing services for websites, SEO, links, and digital marketing.

Website & SEO Auditing Services

Our auditing service line is all about your website. From complete infrastructure audits where we examine everything from your hosting environment to your CMS or eCommerce platform to SEO and Usability audits to be sure your site is performing the best, it can be.

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» Link Auditing

» Usability Auditing

Website & SEO Auditing

Link Auditing

Link Auditing is an essential and often missed service for small business websites. Whether you have engaged in search engine optimisation programs in then past or not doesn’t matter, every site needs a link audit and health check just as you need a doctor checkup or your car needs a service.

Our Link Audit looks back at all the links coming to your website, categorises them by location and by risk factor as well as providing important metrics and recommendations, and opportunities.

SEO Auditing

SEO Auditing takes a look at your website’s current search engine optimisation (SEO).

We look at issues as well as missed opportunities and provide a report of our findings and a list of recommendations that can help you improve your website’s organic performance and rankings.


Usability or UX Auditing & Testing

Usability Auditing is about how easy your website is to navigate.

We manually try out your site as if we are a customer and provide a report covering the path to purchase, issues, and roadblocks as well as recommendations for improvements.


Website Infrastructure Auditing

Website Infrastructure Auditing is an in depth look at the structure of your website, your content management system or e-commerce platform and your hosting.

This audit is about looking at overall risks rather than opportunities and we provide a report complete with recommendations that you can pass on to your website developer.