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Social Media Advertising

With all the social media platforms out there, they can be quite tricky to manage, and then on top of that, most of them offer various forms of advertising too.

What are the types of Social Media Advertising?

Many social media platforms run pay per click models similar to Google Ads or pay per impression models similar to Google Display advertising.

Both of these models can work well for businesses, but that doesn’t mean that they will work on every platform for every business.

Here are some examples of different platforms and the kind of businesses/industries that would benefit from advertising on them

» Facebook – B2C businesses, shopping more than lead generation or services businesses

» Instagram – B2C business as well, but can also be used to showcase creative works and messages for lead generation or services businesses

» LinkedIn – B2B definitely, but could also be used for services businesses that cater to customers such as insurers, education courses and the like

» Pinterest – Fairly new to the advertising scene, and similar to Instagram been heavy image-focused. Here, mainly shopping and product-related businesses succeed well

» Twitter – Almost anything. Twitter has its own ecosystem and communities, and if you haven’t built a community following then advertising here could be difficult.

» Tiktok – As far as we are aware have yet to offer paid advertising. They would work for shopping and product as well as a services business, but you have to do the work to develop videos or pay influencers to promote your products.

» Snapchat – similar in a way to TikTok in what you can promote, but they have offered ads for some time now

Social Media Advertising

Other types of Social Media Advertising

Facebook is unique in offering boosted posts – that is an organic post that you boost with advertising to reach more people.

Facebook & Instagram both offer remarketing advertising too. That is you can remarket or re-advertise to people that have visited your page or your website but not made a transaction or contacted you.

LinkedIn offers both a pay per click type model and a promoted content model where a piece of content you write is promoted to reach more people.

What about Audiences?

Most social media platforms allow you to advertise to a specific segment or audience. This can involve looking at demographics such as location, age, gender and even interests and job titles or positions.

The amount of segmentation you can do depends on the platform and generally the more you do, the more you can finely target your ads and the less you end up paying for them – at the cost of reaching less people, however the ones you reach should be more likely to buy from you.

How to get started with social media advertising

Best way to get started is to reach out to a social media advertising agency such as us and have a free consultation to discuss what you need for your business and how social media can help you grow your legacy.

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