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Digital Integration Services

Websites, CRMs, eDMs, Forms & More

Integration Services

Websites, CRMs, eDMs, Forms & More

Do you use email services, CRMs, custom contact forms? Well, then you likely need help with integrating it all. That is where West Legacy Group can help.

We can help you with all of this and more, contact us today.

» CRM Integration

» eDM Integration

» Form Integration

» Social Media Integration

» Landing Page System Integration

Integration Services

CRM Integration Services

At West Legacy Group, we have come across so many different kinds of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

eDM Integration

Someone once said that social media would destroy emails – how wrong they were. Today, email remains once of the best means of gaining repeat business and increasing sales by using EDM – email direct marketing.

Form Integration

We can help integrate and track your form submissions

Landing Page System Integration

There are many landing page systems out there and we can help set them up properly so the forms integrate with your CRM or eDM system to ensure you capture all the data you need and get the best out of your landing pages.

Social Media Integration Services

The most common use for Social Media Integration is to ensure any new blog posts, pages or products are automatically posted to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account.