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Digital Transformation

We want to help traditionally offline businesses embark on the journey to adding an online presence or to even move completely to an online service through our digital transformation services.

How Digital Transformation works really depends on what industry you are in, for example:


» Cafes and Restaurants could add Delivery options and/or pick up and online ordering via a website or even Facebook and Google

» Tradies such as plumbers and electricians can leverage their knowledge as consultants and create how-to videos that users can watch either free or for a small fee or perhaps just as a free subscriber – capturing the user’s email address in order to watch the full video, then marketing to them via email or paid advertising (when COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed)

» Kindergartens and Childcare can engage their parents and kids through online activities, video classes and fun games. What about a read-along?

» Farm / Animal supply businesses can go into online e-commerce and let customers order directly from their site for deliveries

» Accountants and Professional services can incorporate online consultancy and calendar schedulers to book clients directly

In short, the possibilities are endless and with someone, like us, to help you on the way you can not only survive during this (COVID-19) situation but thrive.


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